Features / Analytics


Analytics and interaction

Gain valuable insights into guest behavior, loyalty and voucher performance

Instant Guests Reports

This feature allows for real-time reporting on guest activities, enabling immediate insights into guest behavior and preferences.

Deep Insight into Guests' Online Activities

The tool offers in-depth analytics on how guests interact with your brand online, helping you refine your marketing strategies and enhance brand engagement.

Tracking Invitations

You can see the chain of invitations, understanding how new guests were introduced to your brand, which can be valuable for identifying key influencers and promoters among your guests.

Loyalty Status and Voucher Usage Analytics

This aspect provides real-time data on guests' loyalty program status and how they are using vouchers, allowing for timely adjustments to your loyalty and rewards strategies.

Direct Online Messaging to Guests

Beyond analytics, the tool offers a direct communication channel to guests, facilitating personalized engagement and immediate feedback or promotional messaging.

Overall, these analytics and interaction capabilities are geared towards empowering businesses with actionable insights into guest behaviors, preferences, and engagement levels, while also providing a platform for direct communication to enhance guest experiences and loyalty.