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Discover our powerful services, designed to enhance guest experiences, drive loyalty, and unlock valuable insights for your reception desk.

Loyalty Program Management

Design and manage a customizable loyalty program that rewards guests for their repeat visits, spending, or other desired behaviors, encouraging customer retention and driving growth.

Voucher and Promotion System

Create and distribute personalized vouchers, discounts, or special offers to guests based on their loyalty tier, visit history, or specific occasions, enhancing their experience and incentivizing return visits.

Advanced Reporting and Analytics

Gain valuable insights into guest behavior, loyalty program performance, and voucher redemption rates with comprehensive reporting features, enabling data-driven decision-making and continuous improvement.

Integration with Existing Systems

Seamlessly integrate the loyalty tool application with your current reception desk software, CRM, or POS systems, ensuring a smooth and efficient workflow while minimizing disruptions to your existing processes.


Regardless of your services such as hair styling, dental services, spa or hotel, you will make your customers happy with the simple system like this.


Explore our feature-rich platform, designed to revolutionize your reception desk experience and foster lasting guest relationships.


Create and shape your loyalty model for your guests, organize your VIP club

  • add custom parameters to your loyalty levels
  • include number of friends invited by your guest through social networks
  • include number of guests’ visits to your venue
  • include duration of guests’ stay
  • include amount spent by the guest

Create your rewards and vouchers for your guests, make them feel their VIP status

  • create your instant vouchers for direct usage
  • create the vouchers as rewards for loyalty
  • share your vouchers with your guests immediately
  • keep the guests actively informed about your vouchers and discounts
  • control and steer the voucher usage in real-time
Analytics and Interaction

Gain valuable insights into guest behavior, loyalty and voucher performance

  • instant guests reports
  • deep insight into guests online activities to enhance your brand
  • who has been invited to your brand by whom
  • loyalty status and voucher usage on-time analytics
  • direct online messaging to guests

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