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Create and shape your loyalty model for your guests, organize your VIP club

Customization of Loyalty Levels

The tool allows for the creation of various tiers or levels within the loyalty program. These could be based on different criteria, such as the frequency of visits or the amount spent. Custom parameters imply that you can tailor these levels to suit the specific needs or goals of your venue, making the loyalty program flexible and adaptable.

Incorporation of Social Influence

Including the number of friends invited by your guest through social networks as a parameter adds a social dimension to the loyalty program. This incentivizes guests not only to return but also to promote your venue within their social circles, potentially increasing your customer base through word-of-mouth marketing.

Tracking Visits and Stay Duration

By including the number of visits and the duration of each stay as criteria for loyalty levels, the tool encourages repeat business and longer visits. This could be particularly valuable for venues like hotels, resorts, or entertainment complexes where longer stays lead to increased spending on services and amenities.

Expenditure-Based Rewards

Including the amount spent by the guest as a parameter for loyalty status recognizes and rewards higher spending. This could encourage guests to avail themselves of more services or make more substantial purchases during their visits.

Overall, this loyalty model is designed to recognize and reward a variety of guest behaviors that are valuable to the business, including spending, social influence, and engagement. By doing so, it aims to foster a sense of belonging and appreciation among guests, encouraging loyalty and repeat business.