Features / Vouchers



Create your rewards and vouchers for your guests, make them feel their VIP status

Creation of Rewards and Vouchers

The tool allows you to design various rewards and vouchers, targeting guests with the intention of making them feel valued and appreciated.

Instant Vouchers for Direct Usage

You can create vouchers that guests can use immediately, providing instant gratification and a strong incentive for engagement.

Loyalty Rewards

The tool enables creating vouchers as rewards for loyal customers, reinforcing positive behavior and encouraging repeat business. Immediate Sharing with Guests: The tool supports sharing vouchers with guests right away, ensuring they are aware of the benefits and incentives available to them.

Active Communication

There's a focus on keeping guests informed about the latest vouchers and discounts, which helps maintain interest and encourages them to take advantage of offers.

Real-Time Control and Steering

You can monitor and guide how vouchers are used in real-time, allowing for adjustments based on guest behavior or business needs.

Overall, this feature of your tool aims to leverage vouchers as a strategic component of guest engagement and loyalty, offering a dynamic and responsive way to reward and recognize valuable customers.